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About Us

Mapster is a product of MasterMind, LLC. MasterMind is a family-owned and operated company. The founding of MasterMind, LLC continues a 4th generation of family businesses.


MasterMind was created in 2013 by Nicholas and Amber Hickman. Mr. Hickman designed and built the MasterMind mobile mapping system. He also led coordination with companies from around the world to develop software that prepares the data for delivery through multiple processing stages.

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About MasterMind, LLC

MasterMind, LLC is a data collection software & services company encompassing: 360° Mobile Mapping with LiDAR,” No-Passing Zone, Pavement Marking Inventory, Horizontal Curve “Ball Bank, Sign Inventory, Sign Compliance, Guardrail Inventory, Right-of-Way/Roadside Hazard Inventory, Speed Zone and Traffic Count Studies.


MasterMind’s central office is located in Delaware, Ohio. MasterMind dove into the world of mobile mapping from its founding and created its own field-based mobile mapping system. 


MasterMind has performed mobile mapping and traffic safety studies on over 25 thousand miles of roadway. MasterMind also has hundreds of software clients all around the United States ranging from the great state of Ohio to Florida, New York and California.

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