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Once the data has been captured and analyzed, the Mapster viewer has so much to offer when it comes to utilization. The Mapster viewer allows you to measure with centimeter-grade accuracy, survey hard-to-reach areas, collect data at street-level views on heavily trafficked roadways, inspect assets with multi-angled viewing, monitor construction sites, take snapshots, and so much more on any electronic device. 


Let's Measure

The Mapster viewer allows you to measure every asset. Whether you need to measure an above-ground utility, a bridge clearance, ditch slope, road width, etc.


The Mapster viewer has a plethora of tools to help you measure with centimeter-grade accuracy from the comfort of your electronic device. Enhancing the speed, efficiency, and safety of a project.


Check out our example video measuring a catenary line! →

Check Out Multi-Angled Viewing

The Mapster viewer allows you to view your assets in multiple windows with multiple viewpoints. This can be very efficient when surveying those hard-to-reach areas.


Bridges, buildings, and tunnels have so much structural engineering involved, viewing multiple angles and sliced views can be crucial when fine-tuning project plans. The Mapster has an abundance of tools that can help with visualization when it comes to planning and creating projects.

← Check out our example video with 

      multi-angled viewing.

Search & Snapshot Assets

The Mapster viewer allows you to search an exact address, GPS coordinate, or any attribute of an asset layer. Once you find the asset, snapshot it and save the image to your computer.


The Mapster viewer is very helpful when inspecting assets. You can snaphot a leaning utility post, mangled guardrail, deteriorated culvert, and so much more to give to the field crew so they know exactly what they will need when resolving these issues.


Check out our example video of searching an asset and taking a snapshot →

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